How To Choose The Best Cheap Web Hosting Plan From The Souk?


Web hosting is a single term used to describe a broad range of website services like server storage, internet connectivity and other services necessary to serve files and images on a website.

about cheap web hosting

cheap web hosting

The company that provides web hosting services is called as web host and the various services offered by them under various packages are known by cheap web hosting plans. There are several hundred thousand companies offering web hosting services across the globe. So, you should choose the one that is reliable and well known for its quality services.

When you decide to host your website, one thing that is most important is choosing the right hosting plan and the service provider that should suit your needs. With so many cheap web hosting companies out there this could be quite confusing, so which hosting plan is the best for you? Here is a brief guideline that you should consider when choosing your hosting plan

Disk Space

Try to estimate on how much disk space your website would take, the first time you upload your website to your hosting account it may not take much of disk space, but your website will grow and eventually it will take much more space so put this into your consideration when you are looking for a cheap web hosting plan.


Just like disk space, bandwidth is another important consideration when buying a hosting plan. You should estimate on how much traffic you will need, if you only serve web pages with minimum images and the usage will be much different if you provide your visitors with file downloads (mp3s, images, and videos) or audio/video streaming that would require much more bandwidth. You should know the additional fee if you use more bandwidth than your allocated bandwidth, by knowing this, you can avoid yourself from having a hefty monthly bill from your hosting service provider.

 Customer Support

No one wants to be left alone when encountering a problem. This is why; you need to be certain about the customer support of your cheap web hosting service provider. You can test how good their support by asking them a question about their hosting plan through their live chat or email. If they have a good customer support they will answer your questions not only quickly, but effectively and that means they give what you want to know.

Scripting & Database Support

This might not for everyone, but this is worth to consider especially if you have a website that needs some scripting support such as PHP, ASP or database support like MYSQL, Microsoft SQL and so on.

Hosting Plan Fee

Last but not the least is the price that you have to pay. Make sure that their services are worth the price tag that they put on their hosting plan. You can decide whether they are worth it or not by combining all factors mentioned above and compare it with other hosting plans.

These are the some points that will let you to pick the best web hosting plans and the one that really fits your need.